Biogas Power is Scotland’s leading provider of innovative solutions for on-farm and energy from waste Anaerobic Digestion facilities but also has experience with other Renewable Energy technologies including Wind Turbines, Solar PV and Biomass.   Biogas Power is not an equipment supplier, but has many years of experience dealing with renewable generation technology and product suppliers and can recommend the most appropriate solution for your application.
Biogas Power is able to accompany our clients through the whole process
of taking their Renewable Energy project from the first idea to final operation
Irrespective of the technology, many of the issues faced are the same. We start by meeting the client and assessing the capabilities of their existing assets. If the site and situation is suitable, we will then look into technology choices, electrical/gas connections, feedstocks availability, commercial viability, and planning consent.
 Anaerobic Digestion
As a result of the recent background of Biogas Power’s founder, Ed Cattigan, the majority of our Renewable Energy Projects have been with Anaerobic Digestion.
Of all the current renewable technologies, Anaerobic Digestion can offer a sustainable, land-based opportunity which benefits the farm and the environment whilst utilising existing knowledge and resources.

Biogas Power possesses the full knowledge of the AD technology process, the requirements of planners and SEPA (or EA), together with the economic knowledge of the capabilities and requirements of a farm considering this technology.

Biogas Power has Anaerobic Digestion projects on-going ranging from 500kW to 2MW electrical and up to 500m3 per hour of bio-methane to grid. We are also currently developing a site for two wind turbines with an output of 4.6MW.

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